The Jennings Family Tree

is dedicated in loving memory to my uncle Martin Jennings, who did most of the research. Martin spent many hours at libraries, churches, cemeteries and hospitals looking through census, birth, baptismal, death and marriage records. He was able to trace the history of the Jennings genealogy. You will find many old pictures of our ancestors as well as some more recent pictures of Martin and his family.

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Also check out some paintings by Anne Jennings and Sr. Kathleen Jennings.

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This is part of my family tree (the Jennings line) which I traced back 9 generations. If you think you're related - send me an e-mail by clicking here (to Garrett Jennings).

News!! - A book on the history of the Jennings family, called "A Story of a Family" has been written by my Aunt Vera Hughes with assistance by my cousin Geraldine Jennings.  You can buy the book here -

Jennings Family Name History: The Irish surname Jennings is an anglicized form of Mac Sheoinin and literally signifies "son of Seoinin".   The Mac Sheoinin are mainly associated with the counties Mayo, Sligo and Galway.   Sheoinin means "little Sean/John".  The Mac Sheoinins were a subset of the great Burke family, and it would seem that a branch of the Burke family took as their surname Mac Sheoinin as they descended from Sheoinin (Little John) Burke.   Notable Jennings were Archbishop John Jennings, alias Burke who was Archbishop of Connacht from 1441-1450, and Charles Jennings (Charles Mac Sheoinin) who is regarded as the greatest Irish soldier of the French Revolutionary period.  The Irish surname reached America by 1851 when Benjamin and Patrick Jennings were among a long list of Irish passengers named Jennings who arrived at the Port of New York, escaping the Potato Famine.   The Jennings line listed below are my direct ancestors who we believe came up from the Galway area where they were weavers.  They bought land in Sligo where they farmed for several generations.

Click here to see 6 generations of Descendants from James Jennings who was born around 1740 in Cully, Curry, Co. Sligo, Ireland - this list includes birth places and exact dates

Click here to see 8 generations of Descendants from James Jennings who was born around 1740 in Cully, Curry, Co. Sligo, Ireland - just birth years

If you are a member of the family tree, I can email you the complete tree if you like (it's extremely large) - send me an e-mail by clicking here (to Garrett Jennings).  For privacy, not all information is shown on this website.  If you need to contact someone on the family tree - you can try to email me - I may have their email address.